Barbara cum


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  1. Kimuro 2 years ago

    Thank you So do I

  2. Mooguzilkree 2 years ago

    Verry hot selection, waiting for more creampies, love it, ty for share baby!

  3. Dolkis 2 years ago

    OK, here we go. The threat of the White Walkers is dealt with. Jon and Dany stay in Winterfell. Jamie leave for Kings Landing. Meanwhile, Tyrion and Brienne have a moment and end up getting married. Jamie gets to kings landing while Tyrion and Brienne are on the way, close behind. Jamie and Cersei End up killing each other. Tyrion gets notification that he is king when he is just outside of town. The night before his triumpant entry into Kings landing, he dies tragically in bed with Brienne. Brienne claims the Iron Throne, discovers she is pregnant, and There you get your unexpected child of prophecy....Brienne commisions a full set of shiny Valerian Steel armor, Changes her name to Phasma, and rides a dragon to the stars and joins the First Order.

  4. Takora
    Takora 2 years ago

    I would fuck u even stiffer if i was a man

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